How The Alphabet Can Tell Us About the Possible Economic Outcomes

“Forecasting is hard, especially the future.” Many moons ago, we learned about the alphabet song, “A for Apple, B for Ball…” And yet, the shapes of alphabets have been used for some time to help economists and statisticians project and depict market recovery. Optimistic, neutral or grim outcomes can be projected using these shapes. Let … Continue reading

3 Lessons From The COVID-19 Resilience Package

TL;DR- COVID-19 Resilience Budget: ‘Landmark’ S$48 billion package to tide Singapore through ‘unprecedented’ crisis 🌧 ☔️ “ We have saved up for a rainy day. The COVID-19 pandemic is already a mighty storm, and is still growing ,” – DPM Heng Swee Keat By now, your newsfeed will be swamped by this. So I will … Continue reading

The Award . . .

5th Sept 2013 . . . An Unforgettable Night The Promising SME 500 Campaign was spearheaded to recognize the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore, highlighting their commercial success and also recognizing their contributions to the economy and the community at large. This campaign also serves as a platform to inspire aspiring … Continue reading

The Sore Eyes . . .

I am currently suffering from a really bad case of conjunctivitis . . . and it’s really affecting my sight! The ironical thing was that I was talking to my business mentor just the day before about ‘Questions being the Answers’ He mentioned that many times we have been staring and talking . . . … Continue reading