Of late, I have never seen so many social media postings about friends relishing the rich creamy flesh of this pungent King of the Fruits.

Some pictures focused on the whole family gathering around the table dipping their fingers on the durian meat. While other pictures focused on letting their little babies snack on the fruit the first time.

I don’t think anyone would have bothered doing that with any other fruits. Who cares about apples 🍏 and pears 🍐 ? Move aside, lemons🍋.

I remember vividly one particular event regarding what my daddy used to do during durian season, many moons ago. Those were the days when gatherings of large sizes were allowed.

Together with his friends, they would travel up north to Segamat, Johor 🇲🇾 , and buy durians by the baskets. Back then, the durians were placed in huge brown paper bags or in baskets. Man, you could never get rid of the lingering durian smell in the car for days!

Meanwhile, all of us children, would be playing in Uncle T’s place. Uncle T’s wife would cook this superb dish, Steak 🥩 and Fries 🍟 . But you know what, Steak and Fries were just the appetizers… it was just there to distract us while we waited.

Because by evening, the main course would arrive. Yup, durians!

All the daddies would have brought back durians by the dozens, to feed their kampung. And this feasting would last till late in the night!

Hence I have always thought that being a daddy meant that the art and science of buying durians must be part of your repertoire of daddy skills 🛠.


My daddy would select the best durians by weight, sight and smell. It’s so amazing watching him in this experiential process. He was never wrong.


My daddy would negotiate, walk away, engage in a shouting contest, or then proceed to buy the selected durians. You know he’s such a hero for having procured these fruits from the “nasty” durian seller.


Even the way the durians were pried open with knives 🔪 and gloves 🧤. My daddy seemed to be the only one in the household who was capable of this “manly” task.

With a skillful flick of the knife, he could always locate the break in point, and rip the durians apart with his huge muscular arms, revealing the golden treasures cradled within the inner recesses of the fruit.

When I became a daddy, I decided to take up this golden responsibility, and bring back the fruits for my own family.

Watching my elder girl carefully taste and eat this King of the Fruits, was indeed a golden moment in my life, as I felt that a tradition had been passed down.

And even when it was time for my second baby to try it, the magical moment still remained.

I have finally earned my right to become a Daddy. 😃

But one thing has changed for sure:
My children doesn’t know that durians have thorns, and they think Durians grow from plastic containers!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDY !!! and to all daddies out there.

#SelfDevelopmentSundays #MARKofLeaders #XMarksTheSpot


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