The Truth About The Market Recovery

Can being COLOUR BLIND towards the market be beneficial?

While Mr Market is immune to pandemics, pestilence, famine and war, it can be liar at times too.

💀 So while the colour blind me truly looked forward to discounts the last few months, I’m beginning to sound the alarm!

🔔 Alarm Bell 1

Vix Levels has surprisingly dropped to 28.16 from a high of 82.69, and this means traders are becoming more optimistic or bullish towards the market recovery.

But is that really true?!

🔔 Alarm Bell 2

The optimism in the stock market contrasts sharply with the reality on the ground.

COME ON… Businesses are not reviving and recovering fast enough.

The risk-reward just isn’t there, until a robust and cohesive plan is enacted by governments all around the world.

It is the same for Singapore. We need more pro-active measures from the government to really boost the economy. And so far, it has been lacklustre.


Hence, my feel is that stocks and therefore funds are now vastly overvalued! 💨

The valuation is ridiculously high when compared to the earnings visibility.

🎯 Therefore the right strategy is still to enter, using the time-tested Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy.

But don’t believe a word I say.

Do up this quick survey, so you can get a better sensing of where you stand with your investments, then join Chris, and I, the Colour Blind Investment Strategists, this weekend.


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