Technology is bridging healthcare closer to patients and consumers. This is at the moment when safe distancing measures has become an integral part of daily life. 

But are we fully embracing this new form of Medical Technology?

While there seem to be a huge spike in signups to telemedicine platforms over the past couple of months, more work can be done to reach out to the masses.

After all, these online platforms allow quick diagnoses without the need to physically visit a doctor’s clinic!

What are some pros and cons? Let’s take a look.


🩺Are Doctors being exposed to errors and risks?

📝 What are the Regulations behind Tele-health?

🏢Isn’t there a GP Clinic at nearly every HDB Estate?

🏩Are the Tele-Health Doctors available in-house, or available based on a demand and supply network aka Sharing Economy?

🔒 Would our medical data be fully encrypted without hacking risks?


❤️ Remote care supported by comprehensive technology can help support chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

🧠 Medi-Tech can also help support mental health patients through through video, telephone, chat and messaging enabled by mobile apps and websites. 

💵 Cheaper consultation fees, with integrated backend platform

🏍 Medicine can be delivered to you without you leaving the house!

Currently, there are also some additional tele-health benefits for customers based on selected insurance plans.

  • Complimentary Tele-consultations (Limited Period)
  • Reduced Cost thereafter

Innovations in the MediTech field will always help us in the Preventive Aspect of medical and health issues.

Innovations in our InsurTech field will always help us in the Mitigation Aspect of the financial pains.

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