Technology is bridging healthcare closer to patients and consumers. This is at the moment when safe distancing measures has become an integral part of daily life.  But are we fully embracing this new form of Medical Technology? While there seem to be a huge spike in signups to telemedicine platforms over the past couple of … Continue reading


Conversations at Tea: The F&B Business Series – With Benjamin Yang and Mark Chew

I had a successful “Conversations at Tea” with Benjamin Yang, Managing Director of Novitee Pte Ltd, and an internationally sought after F&B and Retail Profit Strategist. Do you want to know what is the current situation that F&B Business face in this current market? And what the future brings for them? So here are 5 … Continue reading

Conversations At Tea: The Thin Red Line Between Work and Housework – With Bonnie Liu and Mark Chew

I had a successful “Mental Conversations at Tea” with Bonnie Liu, an experienced occupational therapist and clinical director at Home Comfort Home Pte Ltd. There were some IT difficulties which resulted in the earlier session not being recorded, but I promise there will be another session soon! So here are 3 Learning Points from the … Continue reading

Mental Conversations at Tea: With Rayson Choo and Mark Chew

Had a successful “Mental Conversations at Tea” yesterday with Rayson Choo, a psychiatric nurse from IMH, as well as host of the popular Raygacy Show 3 Learning Points from the session 🏥 The Healthcare industry and MOH have a support Programme to help our healthcare workers to prevent mental burnout in such times. 2. 🌴 … Continue reading