Conversations At Tea: The Thin Red Line Between Work and Housework – With Bonnie Liu and Mark Chew

I had a successful “Mental Conversations at Tea” with Bonnie Liu, an experienced occupational therapist and clinical director at Home Comfort Home Pte Ltd.

There were some IT difficulties which resulted in the earlier session not being recorded, but I promise there will be another session soon!

So here are 3 Learning Points from the session!

  1. 🗓 Set a timetable for your children and yourself during this period. It may be the holidays now, and this is when you should schedule the right time for the right activities

2. 📱 Virtual consultations are available for victims facing mental and physical abuse at home. Leverage on this to reach out for help.

3 ☎️ There is also help for caregivers looking after patients with dementia. Reach out to Bonnie to understand how to build mental resilience as a caregiver.

Watch it here during your own Tea Time ☕️ 🍵

👉 Conversations at Tea: The Thin Red Line Between Work and Housework👈

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