Mental Conversations at Tea: With Rayson Choo and Mark Chew

Had a successful “Mental Conversations at Tea” yesterday with Rayson Choo, a psychiatric nurse from IMH, as well as host of the popular Raygacy Show

3 Learning Points from the session

🏥 The Healthcare industry and MOH have a support Programme to help our healthcare workers to prevent mental burnout in such times.

2. 🌴 RELAX. 5 things you can do to calm yourself down. Watch the conversation to find out more!

3 ☎️ Mental Burnout still exists even when we don’t see our bosses and colleagues. You need to be able to know what are the hotlines to call!

Watch it here during your own Tea Time ☕️ 🍵
👉Mental Conversations at Tea 👈

#TotalRisksThursdays #MARKofLeaders


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