What Are You Manifesting?

Exciting news! My latest book is coming out! It’s called Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness. It’s featuring bestselling authors Loral Langemeier, Joe Vitale, Marilyn Joyce, Andreas Moritz and many others. If you want to create more health and happiness in your life then this book will inspire powerful change. Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness This … Continue reading

Things that make you scream shiok! #7 Running Bare-Foot

 3rd May 2011. #7 Running Bare-foot Do you suffer from arthritis, knee pain, back pain when you run? Does your feet ache and become pain when you run longer distances? But aren’t you already wearing those comfortable running shoes with thick soles and paddings? Well, then perhaps it’s time to re-look and try to remove … Continue reading