What Are You Manifesting?

I would be appearing alongside best-selling authors from The Secret, and many more!

Exciting news!

My latest book is coming out! It’s called Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness.

It’s featuring bestselling authors Loral Langemeier, Joe Vitale, Marilyn Joyce, Andreas Moritz and many others.

If you want to create more health and happiness in your life then this book will inspire powerful change.

Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness

This compelling work created by Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson, shares 31 inspirational stories that actively demonstrate the art of manifesting health and happiness.
Written by individuals from all walks of life and transcending all possible limitations, it shares wisdom, insight and teachings of how to achieve your greatest desires. Whether through the journey of ‘dis-ease’ to wellness or discovering the power of gratitude, language patterns and self-love – this book has been designed for you to find resonance within every chapter.

Featuring authors from The Secret (Dr. Joe Vitale and Loral Langemeier), bestselling authors Dr. Marilyn Joyce and Andreas Moritz plus many more, these heart warming manifestation stories will show you the secret to health and act as guidance for your own journey.

Release Date

This amazing book is due to release on 1st November 2011.  But see below for limited edition pre-release copies!

About Älska Publishing

You say it like this: elsh-ka! It means ‘Love.’ Älska Publishing is a division of Älska Unlimited PTY LTD and is at the forefront of digital publishing and marketing strategies.

Oh! haha . . . in all my excitement, I have actually  forgotten to share who Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson are! This amazingly loving couple are the founders of Älska Unlimited. You see, when Sean shared with me his vision of creating this collaboration, I was thrilled. This was a great chance for my stories to reach a worldwide audience . . . in PRINT!
And when I started to interact with them via the email, facebook, twitter, I realised that they were a really special duo. Filled with immense love for each other, they showed the world that the Beatles were right. “All You Need is Love

but I digress . . .  🙂
Nonetheless, you may now ask yourself, “But what’s so special about this book?”
Now, I have read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, and ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hil . . .
And every once in a while, you will read about a book that will change life as you know it.
Well, this is it. This is THAT book.

The Adventures in Manifesting Online Hub:

www.WhatAreYouManifesting.com is the online hub for the book. Check it out. Look at the bios. See the other books. Soon you’ll be able to join a community. I’ll be part of it as well.

Upcoming Manifestations:

Soon I’ll have pre-release copies available. Signed by me. You’ll be able to order them by messaging me through my email, facebook page, and even at my workshops.

So . . . What Are You Manifesting? 

I’d like to hear about you. What are you Manifesting? It’s a powerful question and one I recommend asking yourself and those around you. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that by asking yourself this question, it will actually initiate manifestations in your life!
Engage in the power of manifesting by asking this question. And do tell us in the comments below, what are YOU manifesting today?

This is the other book that is part of the Adventure in Manifesting Series!


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