The Sore Eyes . . .

I am currently suffering from a really bad case of conjunctivitis . . . and it’s really affecting my sight!

The ironical thing was that I was talking to my business mentor just the day before about ‘Questions being the Answers’

He mentioned that many times we have been staring and talking . . . and talking . . .and talking. But we seldom listen.

  • Many of us just want to act smart
  • Many of us just want to tell people how much we know.
  • Many of us just want to give comments.

But many times, we actually discover so much more when we start to ask questions!

Like . . .

  • How have you been?
  • What are your goals?
  • How’s your family?

So, I’ll take this time, to practice on my phone coaching skills as I call my participants and clients and instead of using my sight, to rely more on my ears!



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