A Man’s Tears

Yesterday, I saw a man cry.

His flowing tears covered his shaking face,

As he struggled to share his dreams.

His tears were not of bitter defeat,

His tears were that of creating sweet cornerstones and beams.

“For a new generation”, he says,

“A lasting legacy till the end of days,

Can’t you see a better future of our kids,

Something to right our generation’s misdeeds?”

And who were we to judge,

that he was stubborn in this light?

When success of dogged determination,

is only revealed upon hindsight?

His dreams must be kept alive,

Because our experiences are not his.

His flames of passion must never be doused,

Because my lessons are not his.

So let him fail, I say,

And success will flourish one day.

Let him choose to walk his own path,

So his actions can inspire others.

And I pray that he fights,

and not to heed the wounds,

To toil and not to seek for rest,

For all dreams are built by your tears.

Yesterday, I saw a man cry.

– Mark Chew


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