Remove the brown M&Ms!

Have you heard of the logic of David Lee Roth’s famous obsession with brown M&M’s?

As the lead singer in Van Halen, he insisted, in his contract with concert promoters and operators, that a bowl of M&Ms to be provided backstage. But with EVERY brown M&Ms to be removed.

Before you think that this is due to some whimsical nature of rock stars, his explanation was that, he wanted the concert operators to read every fine print.

If they couldn’t comprehend the fine print of ‘remove all brown M&Ms’, how could he trust that they maintained the stage with right weight and equipment?

These weren’t trifles, and the mistakes could be life threatening.

When Van Halen toured in Colorado, the band cancelled a show because they found Brown M &Ms in the bowl! They were mad and insisted a full examination be done on the entire stage and arena. They found the local promoters had failed to read the weight requirements and the staging would have fallen through the arena

The concert operators and promoters had failed to read the fine print.

You see, how you do anything is how you do everything. There may be times when you feel like giving up and handing in a shoddy work. But always remember that personal pride is important.

Of course it’s easier said than done. The trick is to always have this mentality of checking and double checking.

  1. Use a check list to help yourself in your work flow and process.
  2. Use a flow chart to document your processes
  3. Check with others
  4. Check again!







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