Get Off Your High Chair!

I learned a lesson about “perspectives” yesterday.

I was trying to find something in the refrigerator when my helper said, “It’s there”. I asked, “Where?” She said, “There!” I was getting a bit frustrated, and retorted,”It’s not there!” Then she sighed and came over to pull out the cheese from the back of the second shelf, while I had been staring at the TOP shelf for the longest of time.

It’s funny how you tend to just stare at something, and think that you know it all. And when you call for help, you just don’t see the solution! Have you ever been in such a situation? I’m sure even husband and wife face such situations.

“Honey, where’s the sauce?” The Husband will ask.

The Wife will reply, “It’s there in the shelf.”



And this heated exchange will go on . . .

Get Off Your High Chair!

Sometimes, all you need to do is to get off your high chair, and see things from another perspective.

If you are frustrated with a co-worker because she simply failed to see your point of view, then perhaps it really is your way of communication. Perhaps you could find out from her what exactly is it about the project that she doesn’t see eye to eye about.

When you learn to get off your high chair, and see things from the perspective of others, solutions may spring up faster than you think!






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