Things that make you scream shiok! #11 Lots of Cheese

1st Nov 2013. #11 Lots of Cheese

It’s beautiful.

It’s packed with so much flavour.

It’s simply amazing.

Yes, I’m talking about cheese. Cheese, oh glorious cheese!

Ever felt like you couldn’t give up cheese?  Ever think it might actually be a drug? It sure might be!

Lots of Cheese

I remembered when I was in primary school, and I went to a pizza hut buffet with my good friend, Erwin. We both gobbled up more than 20 over slices of pizza . . . and consumed more than 3 bottles of parmesan cheese!

Then there was another time when I tried to make my own lasagna, after reading how Garfield enjoyed this dish. I placed 8-10 slices of Kraft Singles, and layered them with condensed milk . . .

I can still remember the voice in my head saying, “Cheese! Cheese! More Cheese!”

This same feeling came back to me again when I was baking Pizza with my baby girls a fortnight ago. When they looked at me with their puppy eyes, holding with them packets of mozarella, and cheddar cheese . . . I heard that voice in my head again saying, “Cheese! Cheese! More Cheese!”

The feeling was . . .

 Simply Shiok!


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