What is Ardent Desire?


After spending nearly a week at our Leadership Management International’s (LMI) World Conference 2015, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, it’s time to share with my fellow business owner friends, clients, and friends on my best idea from the World Conference.

And that is ‘DESIRE

During this period, I also heard from the grapevine that some of my friends’ businesses are suffering due to shrinking market therefore affecting sales, mismanagement of funds, mistrust in partners, wrong training providers, no business strategies etc . . . I sincerely wish that they open their minds to hear what I have to share.

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!” – Paul J Meyer, Founder of SMI/LMI/FMI

I’ve seen this quote many times. And many times I brushed it aside, with the nonchalant “I-know-it-all” attitude. But when I saw the gathering of so many international licensees making their way into the house of our late founder, Paul J Meyer’s (PJM), I realised that this was truly PJM’s vision and belief being cascaded throughout the world. It had become an international following! #goosebumps

This was truly a vision that he had seen, and desired for it to happen.

But what exactly is ‘desire’?


“Desire is infinitely more than mere wanting or wishing, more than compulsion or stimulation. Desire is an overwhelming inner demand for change . . . A personal rejection of circumstances as they are, and the willingness to make any sacrifice to bring about that change.” – Paul J Meyer, Founder of SMI/LMI/FMI

If we apply this to the context of personal and professional success, ask yourself these questions . . .

1) Do you possess ardent desire in your business?
2) How bad do you want it?
3) What are the benefits to yourself should you achieve it? What are the losses to avoid?
4) What are the consequences should you not achieve it?
5) What is ONE thing you want to do differently in your business within the next 30 days?

In order to achieve whatever you are capable of doing, you need to bridge the gap of ‘What-You-Are-Currently-Doing’ towards ‘What-You-Are-Capable-of Doing’.

Desire Picture

Therefore, the stronger your desire, the stronger this spring-like effect to push you towards your goal.

However the painful truth is that we are always looking at the wrong solutions. We just can’t solve a want-to problem with a ‘how-to’ solution!

You see . . . people demand for the fish by asking how to get the fish. But only by knowing why they want the fish, would they be able to solve the fishing crisis!


When we were in Texas, there were international Licensees who wanted to meet up with my managing partner,William. Singapore is considered a ‘darling’ in the SMI/LMI arena because of our local and regional successes over the past 27 years.

One evening, William and I were huddled at the corner of the bar, sipping cold Coronas, and furiously exchanging our plan of actions for the upcoming week. Personally I’m grateful for a mentor like him to be concerned about the business success. My success is his success, and vice versa. William was tearing apart my plan of actions. He urged me to think critically with more specifics. He shared that, “clarity sets up magnetised targets that you will be drawn to . . . it allows your conscious and subconscious mind to work in tandem”.

At that moment, a lady approached us, and introduced herself as being a Jordanian Licensee. She asked, ” Hi William, I’ve heard so much about you. I would like to know about the secrets of your success.”

William and I lifted up our heads from our writing paper, looked at each other, then he turned to her and answered nonchalantly, “That’s what we are doing . . . examining our daily activity that leads to success. No secrets.”

She smiled and answered, “I’m listening.”

“The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel” – Russian Proverb

You will face obstacles and challenges in your personal and professional quest towards success. It will never be easy. The effort that you use to climb out of the business rut depends on your ardent desire.

Sales are slipping; You are bleeding cash; Your team is leaving; Your marketing plan failed to produce results . . . So what? Pick yourself up. Take personal responsibility, and uncover your ardent desire.

There are no secrets. Just plain smart and hard work done consistently over time. We call this ‘Progressive Realisation’. It is this spaced repetition of daily positive habits that set you up for success.

‘There’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all.” Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2

The hammer that smashes you down, will forge you towards success. It may not be the time now, but it will come.

The next LMI World Conference will be held 5 years from now. Many business will come and go during this period.

Can your business continue to withstand the test of time?

Talk to me, and let’s work together towards a common vision and goal.

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