Be Extraordinary, To Apply For This.

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. . . Let others argue over small things, but not you. . . Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. . . Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.” – Jim Rohn

You must not be an ordinary person to apply for this.

Just do it

Please let me share my weaknesses so that your strengths can complement me.

I’m a High Performance Leadership Coach, and the author of ‘Discover Your Leadership Style’. From 2000 till today, I have been a Military combat officer, author, business developer, MNC consultant, leadership coach, daddy, and entrepreneur. I was also awarded a Promising SME 500 2013 Business Luminary.

I turned 34 on 14th March this year, and I personally feel that there are many more things to contribute to this world!

My mission in life is to share my love of life to others so as to empower them to reach their worthwhile and personal professional goals. And one of my biggest goals is to coach 1000 SME business owners over the next 10-15 years.

This is why I need your help.

Since 2013, I restructured the personal mastery and leadership competency of my coaching business, Giants Learning Technologies.

I then aligned it with a globally recognized High Performance Improvement company called Leadership Management International.

Leadership Management International was founded in Waco, Texas, USA in 1966, and has since established itself in more than 60 countries. LMI’s coaching programmes had been translated to more than 23 languages.

I cannot do everything alone, and as a team player, I need the expertise of others to complement me. In specific, I need help in the certain activities that power my business development engine. – the day to day management of my professional life. In fact, I am quite stretched.

What’s your role in this?

Some people say ‘Personal Assistant’. Some business folk say, ‘Professional Administrator’. As an ex-military officer, I see it as a Staff Advisor role.  Because you will help to advise me on the specific steps to reach my goals. And for the goals to be met, certain plan of actions must be done.

These examples will show you what the career entails.

Challenges Goals Plan of Action
A major part in what I do requires me to meet new people every week, and sometimes I’d lose track of them. I’d even misplace the cards! Digitize all my namecards, and to place them in a list so that follow up actions can be done. Place all these leads in my Tracking List and to help me in my Records of Activities
Time is money, and this means that I need help in making sure my appointments over the next 5 days are confirmed To call my prospects and referral leads that people have given me because they believe that we can offer so much more To help me schedule my appointments by calling the decision maker in charge, or your counterpart over the other line
I forget to follow up with people about specific tasks. Process my to-do list and act on specific items on my behalf. Understand my High Pay Offs ,and help schedule ‘Content development’ time in my days so that I can work on my passion of writing
Ideas are free, and I have a lot of great ideas to make my business work better, and to work harder. Do Research work on Google so as to help me make an informed decision Help track my observations, monitoring of leads, and ideas so that a pattern can emerge for us to decide on the appropriate course of action

Some might say that I cannot find someone who can help with both. But it’s possible, or at least, I can work with someone who has great systems knowledge, and over time, we can integrate these goals and plans of action along the way.

My previous help, was an amazing lady who could anticipate many changes. I’ll always remember her as being the leader of leaders. She now sings up in the heavens for our Lord.

In other words, when you work with me, we will grow bigger as a team, and smarter as individuals.

Row and Win together!

Remember my personal mission about sharing my love of life with others? We will continue to sharpen this together with me as the ideas and habits that you will gain from this will open up your mind. You will be empowered to become someone bigger than you were just a few days ago. You will learn habits and the knowledge from successful business owners and most importantly, through a systematic and structured way.

That being said, this career is not going to be a bed of roses.

Something to take note of!

  1. This career can get tedious at times. It involves very operational work in being an Action Former, Watch Dog and Communicator. In fact, 80% of the job will require you to help me contact people on my behalf. You’d also be doing things such as Data entry. You may also be required to create new ways to marketing to our clients.
  2. This career will require you to cultivate new habits. You are what you are because of your previous habits. If you want to become someone different, then this career will encourage you to break off previous shackles. It may be uncomfortable, but then you must get out of your comfort zone in order to grow. I will place you in the very high performance programmes that created leaders out of business owners.
  3. There are no conventional ‘promotions’ (do look out for bonuses though!) Growth will come with the things that I’ve created with your help. Results will be seen over time. Essentially, I’m looking for someone who is with me for the long haul. Go with me and grow together.

Grow Rich Mentally.

  1. Purpose. We are after all a company, which spawned the global motivational and personal development industry back in the 1960s. The things we will create together in the next few years will be epic, and exceptional. But most importantly, you will understand the ‘Why, in What you Do’. This is the most powerful motivational fuel that you will use to become better.
  2. Autonomy. I am a result-oriented person. Some days will require us to meet, or for me to bring you along to meet amazing clients of ours. But your primary work station is in the office, so that you will be doing the right activities. I am not particular about what you do. But you will learn HOW to do it more efficiently.
  3. Mastery. Prepare for an expansion of your mind. What you see from the above is just the tip of the iceberg. You will discover how to unlock the subconscious depths of your mind so that you will master the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to achieve excellent results. Just imagine,  Leadership Management Singapore started in 1988, and we have since helped coached more than 3000 local SMEs. And the next few years will be even more amazing! You will be able to tell your spouse and children that you knew the next BreadTalk boss. Or that you helped organize events for Canon. Even better is the fact that you have gained the skills needed to become the next SME business owner.

Interested to apply? You must read this:

You absolutely need to have a good command of English and comprehension, spoken and written. Ability to converse in Mandarin is a plus! This is because many SME owners and their staff speak Mandarin, and this skill will help us a long way. You must be either a Singaporean or PR, living in Singapore.

You must use this form to apply. This form makes sure you are not judged by your age, gender, looks, experience, or CV designing skills – but you are evaluated on your substance alone.

So no need to mail your CV for the moment, just use this form to apply.

Please help!

Seize the Opportunity!

Sun Tzu said that “Opportunities multiply as they are seized”. Indeed, this is the time of great opportunities, and your ability to discern this from “whines” and “complaints”, will place you in good stead. I sincerely believe that everything we’ll be working on will be anything but ordinary. And I pray that the right person can help me on this journey.

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