Honesty is the Best Policy – Your Children are watching

Have you ever left a place without paying for something? It could have been accidental, but did you go back to pay for it? Well, something like this happened to my family about a fortnight back. Let me share with you how this is relevant to leaders in the household.

No!!! not the injection!

It was that dreaded time again. My baby girl had to go for her 18th month booster injections. It was a three-in-one jab that covered  against Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus.

Both my wife and I dreaded it, because my baby girl had a fear of lying down after the previous doctor injected her twice.

Well, in any case, this new female Indian doctor was professional. She spoke to us and to Alyssa baby, while her nurse prepared the booster.

My wife was nervously biting her lips.

“So, what words can Alyssa say?” asked the doctor.

We had barely answered her, when Alyssa let out a whimper and cried. The doctor had distracted us, and injected her really swiftly!

Not bad, we thought. Because after a while, Alyssa calmed down and was playing with the doctor.

After thanking the doctor, we went towards the cashier and paid for the various medicine that was prescribed to us. And we left the clinic.

While walking towards the car, my wife stopped. “What’s wrong?” I asked?

“Hmm . . . I think they didn’t charge us for the injection.”

“What do you mean?”

My wife then handed the bill to me. The nurse had not factored in the injection cost. Only the medicine. “Let’s go back and pay.”

I was pleasantly surprised, because this showed a lot of my wife’s transparent character. Her honesty and firmness in such transactions showed her leadership qualities. There was nothing wishy washy.

We went back to the cashier, who was so glad that we pointed out the mistake. It costs a rightful $100, but we left the clinic feeling happy that day.

Lessons Learned

As a parent, you become the leader of the family by default. Your children will model you. They will see how you react to situations. They will learn how you praise people. They will see if you pick up the litter. They will act out whatever you have done.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at your girl if she tried to copy her mummy putting on the lip stick. Take a look if your girl even tried to “shave” her face, because she has seen you doing so.

Teach them when they are young. Show them what is right. Because you are the closest leader and mentor that they will ever have in their formative years.

And these thoughts, words and actions are like seeds that you plant in them. When the time is right, they will fully understand that you have taught them well.

4 Responses to “Honesty is the Best Policy – Your Children are watching”
  1. Luke says:

    Nice, I like this anecdote. Thanks for sharing mark.

  2. Alena says:

    Power, I like this one especially;

    “And these thoughts, words and actions are like seeds that you plant in them. When the time is right, they will fully understand that you have taught them well.”

    Thanks Lot.

    • chewmark says:

      Thanks Alena! It struck me most when I went back as a speaker in School, and I heard my juniors speak from a passage that I myself spoke, many years back. They may not have impacted me then, but it did provide me with the nutrients then.

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