Why the Ant Has Six Legs – And Other Talents!

It is a magical feeling when stories sprout out from your mind unexpectedly.

Yesterday, I was on my way to Cathechist lessons when out of the blue, my wife asked me, “So . . . why does an Ant have six legs?”

I listened, smiled, and for one reason that I couldn’t explain, a story was created. Praise the Lord!

This is what I told her . . .

The Ant

On the sixth day of creation, God called for all the creeping creatures in the world to gather so that He would  distribute legs to all of them.  They were all every excited and they queued up patiently, waiting for their turn.

The first to arrive to honour God, was the Millipede, and God conferred him with over 700 legs.

The second to arrive to praise the Lord, was the Centipede, and God gave him over 300 legs.

Many other creeping creatures such as the Spider, and the Scorpion came forward to thank God for creating them, and they too received their legs.

The last group to arrive were the Insects, such as the Fly and the Bee, and they were given 6 legs.

But God knew one of his creation has not arrived. He looked around, and there He saw, the humble Ant scurrying towards His throne.

The other creatures gasped in horror as the Ant was late.

“Forgive me, my Lord,” The Ant whispered apologetically as he zig-zagged towards God. “I couldn’t find my way, and had to climb up the trees, over the mountains and under the rocks. But I’m glad I arrived because I want to thank you for creating me . . .”

God smiled and said, “You showed great determination in coming here today, Ant.

“Even though you only have six legs, I’ll give you great strength. You will not starve during winter, and you will find great abundance of food in summer. You will be known for your diligence, and even Man will respect you for your hardworking nature and your do-all-you-can attitude.”

And God saw that it was good.

Moral of the Story:

The Chinese have a saying, that is roughly translated as, “The sparrow may be small, but it has all its internal organs

No matter your size, you are a complete person. And every living creature has its talents.

Once you know yourself, you would know your goals. If you think you have many talents, you have many. If you think you don’t have any, you don’t. So find out your talents and be the best that you are meant to be.

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  1. ChrisChua says:

    Very interesting post! Thanks!

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