Things that make you scream shiok! #1 Eating after a Workout

Election day is coming for all Singaporeans.

But amidst all these political hype, grumbles about high cost of living and crowded transportation, there are actually events, things, and news that make us smile and laugh. I thus decided to come up with this series of postings with would totally be DE-LINKED with all my other leadership posts. After all, leaders must learn to chill out and appreciate the simple things in life too, shouldn’t they? 🙂

This series of posts would therefore celebrate the simple things that make us, Singaporeans, scream, “SHIOK!” Nope, it’s not a foreign language . . . at least not yet.  🙂

So to share with the citizens of the world, “shiok” in the Malay language, denotes extreme pleasure or the highest quality.

Hopefully, others around the world, would learn about this and learn about this exclamation too.

So for today, I am going to talk about . . .

21st April 2011 #1 Eating after Exercise.

You remember those gnawing hunger pangs? Especially when you are busy working out? There seems to be this devil on your shoulder enticing you with images of glorious food, and the taste of sweet drinks? Yes, even athletes like me feel tempted as well.

This builds up when I am working out either in the early morning, or even in the evening after work. How about you?

As I  push my body through the morning sprints, I feel really energetic during training, but there are times that the little devil would tempt me, and the hunger pangs start . . .

Flee you evil creature!

And as I finish my exercise and I cool down, I would hunt around for fuel food to recharge my body, and the feeling of healthy food filling up my stomach is  . . .

Simply Shiok!


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