New Model of Leadership: Command, Connection and Collaboration

Communication is essential in any organisation. You may have heard about how the marathon come about because of the heroics of Pheidippides, who ran to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC).  Homing pigeons and other animals  were also used to deliver messages in both peaceful … Continue reading

Why Money Doesn’t Motivate Higher Performance

This is a really attractive video from RSA Animate. If you have 11 minutes to spare, do look at it. It’s actually based on a fascinating lecture by Dan Pink about The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. What RSA Animate had done was to incorporate an artist animating the talk on a giant whiteboard … Continue reading

Simon Sinek’s model of leadership – Why we do what we do determines our leadership style

There are leaders, and there are those who lead.  Leaders hold a position of power, or authority, but those who lead inspire us. In 2009, Simon Sinek released the book “Start With Why” — a synopsis of the theory he has begun using to teach others how to become effective leaders and inspire change Sinek … Continue reading

Old Model of Leadership: Command and Control

When I was an  undergraduate, I remembered being introduced to this real-time strategy game, Command & Conquer: Generals by my younger brother. Command and Conquer Generals, like most other real-time strategy games, was quite interesting as I recalled fighting against time to set up a base, acquire resources, build various combat and support units, and … Continue reading

Exemplary Leadership – Slow to anger, Abundant in Loving Kindness

Last weekend, I learned a leadership lesson, on being slow to anger, and why we should be abundant in loving kindness. I felt that it’s good to share with you all. The Incident I was on my way to my cousin-in-law’s baby shower. When I drove towards the entrance of the condominium, the security guard … Continue reading