Career Conversations at Tea: With Adrian Choo and Mark Chew

Had a successful “Career Conversations at Tea” yesterday with Adrian Choo, the Career Strategist, and Director from Career Agility International!

6 Learning Points from the session!

1. 🗺 Design a Career Strategy

2. 🔊 Prepare both Introduction Pitch and Exit Statement

3. 🏡 💵 🚗 Assess Your Current Assets/Liabilities

4. 💪Question Your Strengths and Weakness

5. 🌌Widen Your Network

6. 🏔 . . . ?

Watch it here during your own Tea Time ☕️ 🍵
👉 Career Conversations at Tea

Ah… and there is a sixth learning point… so who can grasp it? PM me and E-Lunch is on me!

#WealthNuggetsWednesdays #MARKofLeaders#XmarksTheSpot

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