Law of Leveraging: Using Lesser Effort to Produce Bigger Outcomes

I was doing my morning exercise the other day. And it was my second set of sprints.

I was running at around 80% of my maximum speed when I heard the reverberation of the car engine behind me. So, I stepped to the side, to allow the car to go past me.

When it finally did, I then decided to run so as to catch up with the car.

But as hard as I tried, I was never even able to reach 20m near the car!

I thought to myself, “Here I was, running so hard just to smell that car’s exhaust pipe! And the driver wasn’t even breaking out into any sweat . . . he was probably just depressing his accelerator pedal slightly!”

This is truly the law of leverage.

When you use less effort to produce bigger outcomes, you would have mastered the law of leverage.

In my opinion, all leaders should think of leveraging at all times.

  • This is why leaders delegate their work
  • This is why leaders assemble teams of capable people
  • This is why leaders have great networks of both friends and acquaintances
  • This is why EVERY leaders have mentors to tap into their knowledge and experience
  • This is why systems are built and modified
  • This is why the computer and other informational technology are being harnessed

Because if you had to do the same work routine daily, sooner or later, you will experience a decrease in output. Similarly, you would  not be able to handle bigger amounts of projects because it’s just YOU who have been working alone. A ONE MAN OPERATION would not help in the expansion of your business. You would be working in the business, instead of working on the business.

Leverage helps you to work on your business.

What do you think are the other benefits of leveraging?




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