The real super heroes

I wrote Nuclear man, when I was writing a 300 word story for a short story competition in March 2011. I wasn’t sure of the results, but it didn’t matter to me, because the next day, I heard about an appeal for the Japanese fund-raising effort. Writers, artists, illustrators, poets were all invited to donate their works to New Sun Rising- Stories for Japan . I then contributed my work to this fund-raising effort. (Everything happens for a reason!)

The idea for New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan was born, after the earthquake and tsunami disasters.

Due to the overwhelming pouring of works, my short story was unfortunately not selected. No worries!

Nonetheless, I would like to share my story with everyone, as it has since inspired me to write a collection of 10-11 short stories tentatively called, The Real Super Heroes. It is about 70% completed, and I aim to complete this by end May 2011, and it will go on sale on the e-book platform.

Here is the first 300 word story that was meant for New Sun Rising. Enjoy . . .


Nuclear Man

The bespectacled man had not slept for days, and he wiped his foggy mask with his gloves. The temperature of the steaming fuel rods in the nuclear reactor was rising. Still, Edo had to remain composed and ignore the perspiration streaming down his temples. As the chief engineer of the Fukushima nuclear reactor, his job was to ensure that his team of technicians stabilise the quake-stricken and tsunami-battered ageing nuclear plant. Fast.

“Ohayo gozimasu Edo-san,”

Edo turned around, and bowed to acknowledge the greeting from Ryuu.

“Containment vessel around core of reactor number three is damaged . . . meltdown is likely!”

Edo defiantly answered, “Well, this is what we’ve been trained to do. And we have to do it because nobody can do it better than us. Not even the Americans.”

“But, I’m scared. I miss home . . . ”

Edo’s thoughts were lost in the snowy landscapes of Rusutsu, where he spent last winter skiing with his Megumi, and Yuki. The thought of never being able to see his loved ones and powdery white snow ever again, hit home and
he broke down.

In a rare display of emotion, Edo embraced Ryuu and said “Stay strong . . . our people are praying for us. Because if not us then who?”


“Okasan, I want otosan!” Little Yuki sobbed as she refused to be rocked to sleep by her mother.

As Megumi gingerly laid her on the straw mat in the darkened room, she tossed and turned, rubbing her eyes. Megumi’s heart was palpitating with fear. She prayed for Edo to be strong, and she embraced Yuki and broke down.


Super-heroes may come in spandex, red capes, and save the world. But all it takes are for ordinary man to do extraordinary things in crises, and they become super-heroes.

(c) Mark Chew 2011. All rights Reserved Worldwide.


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