Things that make you scream shiok! #2 Your Own Earphones in the plane

23rd April 2011 #2 Your Own Earphones in The Plane.

Do you like flying? Wouldn’t it be nice if you are flying off to your dream holiday with your loved ones?

Well, for me, flying is not a matter of choice, because I do travel frequently overseas for work. And the time spent on the journey can be at least the equivalent of 3 in-flight movies, before I reached my destination.

Now, if the plane had an in-flight entertainment system, I wouldn’t hesitate to start-up the system and watch the moment I buckle up.

After all, what else could you do in a flying tin of sardines?

Besides, I travel economy class, and even though EVERY airline in the world is technologically capable of installing bigger and more comfortable seats for ALL paying passengers, they still only treat the 1st Class passengers like royalty, and the rest of us, like a herd of cattle. It isn’t that bad travelling on Singapore Airlines (SIA), because SIA is known for setting the bar in excellent service standards, but the other airlines can be quite appalling.

So I try to reframe the entire cattle situation and make myself as comfortable as I can, and that is to watch movies!

The problem was that the air stewardess only dished out their uncomfortable and rigid, head phones (unfortunately even SIA) somewhere only 5-10 mins after taking off. So there is a possibility of all passengers waiting for at least 20-25 mins in the flying sardine tin, with absolutely nothing to do, except to read their glossy magazines or to banter with your neighbour, who may or may not respond positively to you.

For the first few business flights, I accepted my fate, and waited like everyone else. But I had enough. After all, I got bored very easily.

The following business trip, I walked into the electronics store in Changi Airport Terminal 3, and got myself a cheap and reliable pair of Philips earphones, and most importantly, the earphone audio jack specially made for aircraft seats!

So this time, as I was herded down the aisle in the airplane, I happily went straight to my seat, and plugged on my new toy. And the feeling of being the first onboard the aircraft to watch, and listen to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, while everyone was still busy settling down, was . . .

Simply Shiok!


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