First be Free, Then be Rich

People don’t achieve their dreams either because they don’t know the “WHY” or they don’t know the “HOW” to follow-up on their plans.

Let Mark and Sean show you both the WHYs and the HOWs so that you can reach all your worthwhile dreams!

First be Free, Then be Rich is a 2.5 hr intensive workshop by the following authors and practitioners, that would empower you in the following areas:

1) Awaken the Leader Within

Mark Chew, Author of Discover Your Leadership Style, Business Developer, Leadership Coach.

This session seeks to share the myths of leadership and the reasons why you need to discover your leadership style, so as to develop your innate potential and be the best leader you are meant to be.

  • Why You need to Discover your Leadership Style
  • 4 Principles of being a Leader
  • Ultimate Success Formula

2)  A Realistic Financial Blue Print to Win the Money Game and Achieve Financial Freedom

Sean Seah, Author of Winning the Money Game, Chief Cashflow Strategist of Cornerstone Cashflow LLCMaster Trainer & Programme Director, Value Investing Academy.

This session seeks to share  the creation of your own realistic financial blue print through proven strategies, so as to achieve financial freedom

  • First be Free, Then Be Rich
  • Understanding the real rules of Money
  • 3 Practical Steps to Winning
  • Making your Money work harder for You
  • How to Create Successful Streams of Income

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